Frequently Asked Questions

You may have many questions about buying a house in Norway. Below you will find a selection of the most frequently asked questions about buying a house in Norway.

  1. How does the transfer of ownership of real estate take place in Norway?
    The transfer of ownership takes place via a civil-law notary. You do not need to be present in person.
  2. Is property transfer tax payable in Norway, like in the UK?
    Yes; this amounts to 2.5%.
  3. How easy is it to get to Norway?
    Norway is easy to get to, either by plane, by car or by boat. The roads to the North of Europe are much quieter in comparison with all the traffic heading south.
  4. What is the climate like in Norway?
    Norway has a highly variable climate. In general you can say that the west of Norway experiences a lot more precipitation than the east of the country. So the dry, eastern part of Norway has significantly more hours of sunshine and more stable winters.
  5. Is a wooden bungalow well insulated?
    Wood has a naturally high insulation value. A timber frame construction house is also provided with extra insulation material so that it satisfies the highest insulation standards set by the Norwegian government. In the case of a log-built house the thickness of the logs provides the insulating properties.
  6. Is a mortgage possible on a holiday bungalow in Norway?
    Most lenders in Norway are willing to finance a (holiday) house up to a maximum of 60% of the purchase value. We can introduce you to reliable Local financial partners.
  7. Is it possible to reclaim the Norwegian VAT on a new-build?
    In the case of a private purchase it is not possible to reclaim the VAT. But commercial investments do offer possibilities. Personal advice will answer this question.
  8. As a foreigner, are you allowed to buy a building plot in Norway?
    Yes, it is easy for a non-resident to have real estate registered in their name.
  9. What is a D-number?
    Norwegian residents are known to the government by means of a personal number (BSN number in the Netherlands). Non-residents can apply for a D-number, which enables them to have real estate registered in their name.
  10. Can I open a bank account in Norway?
    Yes, most banks are willing to open an account for non-residents. A D-number is required.