Traditional timber stacked house right on the ski slope

We were able to build this wood-stacked house for the Herderschee family. The final finish and appearance can be called unique. The wide and high laminated “logs” provide comfort combined with an unparalleled experience. The house has 3 bedrooms on the ground floor, separate kitchen and a spacious bathroom. The living room has a central place in the house, with the special feature of large skylights in the heart of the house.

It is interesting to mention that we have built this house in collaboration with the customer according to the Vedic building principle. The so-called Maharishi Sthapatya Veda is an Indian construction method. Fundamental laws of nature are used to promote health and prosperity. It uses accurate tried and tested mathematical formulas to design houses with the right proportions, the right dimensions and the correct orientation to the sun. A very challenging project that we are ultimately very proud of and the customer very much enjoys.

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