Furuheim project building plots

This location in the Norwegian Vrådal brings together everything that makes Norway so special during the various seasons. A stunning view over the lake, excellent position in the sun, and large plots with plenty of privacy.

Due to the central position in the village, all facilities are close at hand. The supermarket is within walking distance and the ski centre/golf course are just a few minutes away by car. Even though all the facilities are nearby, the houses at this special location are surrounded by nature. Would you like to go hiking? You can leave your house and walk for a week without meeting anyone, but of course it’s quite possible that you will encounter an elk or some other wildlife.

At present the last part of the project at the top of the mountain side is being made ready. The building plots in the Norwegian Vrådal range in size from ca. 1,000 m2 to 2,000 m2. They often border on “nomansland”, which contributes to the sense of freedom.

The land-use plan offers a lot of scope for your own ideas in terms of the design of your house. Besides the use of wood, natural stone and glass are also permitted. The houses are permitted to have a living area of up to 200 m2 and you are free to choose how this is allocated (ground floor or upper floor).

Available building plots