There is no better remedy for the stress of the densely populated UK than the peace and the space of the Norwegian fjords, mountains and lakes. Norway is 33% larger than the UK, but it is home to 13 times fewer inhabitants than the UK with 5 million inhabitants. So when you think about Norway you don’t think about sitting in a traffic jam, but about hiking or cross-country skiing without meeting anyone else. Norway is a country of long winter sports seasons and plenty of water for marvellous fishing and swimming in the summer.

A holiday home in Norway brings this vast, rugged landscape and all that goes with it to your doorstep. Moreover, a holiday home in Norway isn’t just any old holiday home. Norwegian holiday homes are exceptionally warm and stylish, with a lot of wood and possibly grass on the roof, and with a cheerful wood burner inside and woollen plaids on the sofa. You’ll soon feel at home here.