Risør lies close to Kragerø and is also a popular tourist destination, but is somewhat quieter. Nevertheless Risør has a lively harbour as well, with a wide variety of restaurants and shops with, for example, books and antiques. In the old centre many of the old wooden buildings have been preserved. The Norwegian culture is thriving here: you encounter Norwegian handicraft wherever you go, and in the first week of August a wooden boats festival takes place in Risør.
Risør is located beside the sea, with its many islands off the coast. In the hinterland of Risør there is a landscape made up of lakes and hills. So endless options for hiking, fishing, canoeing and swimming.

Personal wishes, sampling the atmosphere & 'trial stay'

Everything begins with your personal preferences. This means that we identify your wishes and sample the atmosphere of the various locations, for as long as it takes to find a plot that is ideal for you. Portula’s personnel visit Norway and regularly, so they can show you a variety of plots. We will be pleased to help you plan your journey and organise your ‘trial stay’ accommodation for a modest price in a new wooden bungalow.

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