Lillehammer became famous throughout the world due to the 1994 Olympic Games which were held there. The Lilyhammer series on Netflix added a touch of humour to this.

The centre of Lillehammer has historical buildings and artisanal shops, but modern chain stores, museums and cultural centres are also well represented here. Just outside Lillehammer is the theme park Hunderfossen with more than fifty attractions and activities for children of all ages.

Those who come to Lillehammer for winter sports (which is generally possible from November to April), can still benefit from the beautiful Olympic facilities which were constructed here. Skiers, cross-country skiers and snowboarders have the time of their lives here.

During the winter sports season Lillehammer is an ideal home base for hiking and horseback riding in the surrounding national parks, such as Rondane, Jotunheimen or Langsua. The nature in the high mountains, on the wooded hills and in the green valleys is spectacular.

Personal wishes, sampling the atmosphere & 'trial stay'

Everything begins with your personal preferences. This means that we identify your wishes and sample the atmosphere of the various locations, for as long as it takes to find a plot that is ideal for you. Portula’s personnel visit Norway and regularly, so they can show you a variety of plots. We will be pleased to help you plan your journey and organise your ‘trial stay’ accommodation for a modest price in a new wooden bungalow.

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