Jotunheimen means ‘the home of the giants’ and is an unspoiled mountainous area in the east of Norway. Jotunheimen national park is approximately as large as the province of Friesland and it contains the biggest concentration of mountains higher than 2,000 metres in Northern Europe. The highest mountains in Norway are also here: the Galdhøppigen (2,469 metres) and the Glittertind (2,464 metres).

This mountainous landscape is ideal for spectacular hiking along wild waterfalls, glaciers, rivers and lakes, and through green valleys. Either a short walk or a trek lasting several days, going from hut to hut – everyone decides for themselves. One of the best known hiking routes is the path from Memurubu via the narrow Beseggen mountain ridge to the Gjendesheim mountain hut. This route offers an unforgettable view of the Gjendevatnet and Bessvatnet mountain lakes.

But Jotunheimen is not only popular with hikers. Many visitors also come to Jotunheimen for the horse riding, mountain biking, climbing, rafting, and for the glacier trekking and caves. In the winter there are extensive options for cross-country skiing, skiing and snowboarding.

In the midst of all this natural beauty, the Norwegian culture and cuisine are always close by. Some farms sell, for example, their own hams, cheese, sausages and bread – delicious!

Personal wishes, sampling the atmosphere & 'trial stay'

Everything begins with your personal preferences. This means that we identify your wishes and sample the atmosphere of the various locations, for as long as it takes to find a plot that is ideal for you. Portula’s personnel visit Norway and regularly, so they can show you a variety of plots. We will be pleased to help you plan your journey and organise your ‘trial stay’ accommodation for a modest price in a new wooden bungalow.

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