A holiday home in Norway means enjoyment, but also a smart investment. Norway has become a rich country, due to oil, gas and water power. Thanks to its financial and political stability, the demand for plots and for holiday homes also remains strong in more difficult economic times. Furthermore, house buyers in Norway are well protected under the law.

Thanks to its ease of access, tourism in Norway has been growing for years now, and with it the demand for holiday homes in Norway. No less than 30% of all holiday makers in Norway stay in a rented holiday home. On the other hand, only 2% of all Norwegian owners rent out their own holiday homes, so the demand exceeds the supply.

So, there is plenty of demand for the rental of holiday homes in Norway. Above all in regions where tourism is developing strongly, such as southern Norway. This development means that holiday homes in those areas enjoy significant growth in value.

Above all, the demand for luxury holiday bungalows is growing. People who are looking for a holiday home in Norway, look for:

  • Location near to ski slopes, golf courses and hiking areas
  • Location close to villages with a supermarket
  • Attractive views, (for example over a lake)
  • Position in relation to the sun
  • Ease of access
  • Presence of a sauna and/or hot tub

Those choosing a holiday home which satisfies (some of) these points are therefore making an investment with good prospects. Furthermore, that investment becomes even more interesting if you decide to let the property on a commercial basis, because in that case the 25 % VAT on your investment is deductible. Norway also offers possibilities, in the case of commercial letting, for claiming back VAT on labour and materials. Most lenders in Norway are prepared to finance up to 60% of the purchase price of a holiday home.

For a carefree purchase you can outsource your investment completely to Portula. In that case we arrange everything for you, from construction to letting.