Good to know

The Norwegians call a wooden holiday home a hytte. But make no mistake: this is by no means a simple “hut”. The Norwegian holiday homes of Portula are spacious wooden bungalows. They all have a spacious terrace, a luxurious kitchen and a modern bathroom with tiled floor and underfloor heating.

You also have many options to fully adapt your holiday home to your wishes. You can choose from a standard model from our catalog, or design your holiday bungalow partly or completely yourself. Do you want a traditional Norwegian grass roof, or rather roof tiles or bitumen? Will it be a modern or a traditional kitchen? Do you want patio doors to the veranda, an extra guest bathroom or a sauna? Everything is possible.

Reasons new-build

If you are looking for your own wooden bungalow in Norway, purchasing a new holiday home has its advantages.

Norwegian holiday homes are usually made of wood. We as non-Scandinavians often lack the necessary knowledge to assess the condition of a wooden house. However, when buying an existing home in Norway, the buyer is responsible for the mandatory inspection. No compensation can be claimed after the purchase for damage and defects that could have been discovered during an inspection.

Buying new construction in Norway is much safer. The buyer of a new holiday home is legally well protected. Thus, even after the warranty period, the contractor is still responsible for any construction defects.

The benefits of wood

If you choose to build a new holiday home in Norway, wood is a natural choice. It is not for nothing that Norwegian houses are so often made of wood: it is a natural material that smells pleasant and colors beautifully. A solid wooden exterior facade offers many possibilities for a playful construction and finish, has a nostalgic look and gives a cozy feeling inside. In addition, wood has many favorable properties, such as a high insulation value and suitability for all kinds of environments and weather conditions. All Portula wooden holiday homes are therefore durable and low maintenance.

Timber frame construction or timber stack construction

When building wooden houses, a distinction is made between two ways of building: timber frame construction and timber stack construction. In timber frame construction, the house is built as a framework. The inside of the framework is then insulated and panels are provided on both sides of the wall.

In wood stack construction, solid wood parts are stacked on top of each other. This is a characteristic Scandinavian construction method with a long history. The shape of the wooden parts that are stacked together during construction partly determines the appearance of the house: from classic to modern. Most people choose a round or square shape.

The pine we use for the construction comes from a specially selected high altitude region in Norway. In this region, trees grow very slowly due to the cold climate. The trees used for the construction of our homes are about 100 years old and their wood has become very sturdy and fiber-proof at the time of slow growth. Naturally, the forests are managed sustainably: each cut is compensated with new plantings.