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What do you want your holiday bungalow to look like? Is it intended for occupation by one family, or for more? Is your preference for a single storey bungalow, or would you prefer the extra space of an upper floor? Whatever your preferences, Portula always has a type of bungalow that matches your wishes. But we are also happy to support you with your own design. This happens very often, and it means that you can have everything just how you want it. Besides this, we ensure that your ideal holiday bungalow complies with all the building regulations and land-use plans. Because building a house in Norway is no 'free for all'. For example, in Norway it is often not possible to landscape a garden and the house has to form an attractive whole with its natural surroundings. Every Norwegian village has clear rules on what is and is not permitted, and different rules can even apply to different projects within the same village. Portula is fully informed and ensures that your holiday home satisfies all the rules.
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